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Cabernet Sauvignon

2011 Black Sears Estate Cabernet Sauvignon | $

A Thomas Rivers Brown 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grown at 2500 feet on Howell Mountain is always going to require some time in the cellar to truly blossom. Cab vines grown at this elevation produce small berries with exceptionally thick skins, and the wines are therefore intense, complex, often brooding, and with a youthful structure that can cause the uninitiated to pucker. But with a few years on them, as the tannins integrate and the fruit rounds out and comes to the fore, all of that intensity and complexity inherent in Howell Mountain’s terroir produce a Cabernet experience like no other. Check out the current library Cabernet offer here, and see what some cellar time can do for a Black Sears Cab:

Black Sears Cab Franc 2015.jpg

Cabernet Franc

2016 Black Sears Estate Cabernet Franc    |  $125

Originally planted in the 90s to blend with our Cabernet Sauvignon, we began to produce a 100% Cabernet Franc from the steep hillside vineyard at the behest of winemaker Thomas Brown in 2008. It may be our favorite wine now. Floral yet meaty and spicy, the Estate Cab Franc is Black Sears at its finest and most unique.

This wine is produced in very limited quantities of fewer than 100 cases per vintage, and is therefore allocated exclusively to members.   

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2003 Black Sears Estate Zinfandel  -  $100

Conventional “wisdom” holds that Zin is a varietal that isn’t necessarily meant to be cellared for any significant period of time. But Zin is perhaps the most diverse grape around, and in all our years of drinking and producing Zinfandel, we are yet to find one that ages as beautifully and gracefully as one from the Black Sears vineyard. It may be the unusual structure and tannin from a vineyard at 2500 feet. It may be a higher-alcohol’s ability to preserve a wine. It may be the magic of Thomas Brown, or it may just be “one of those things.” But we have experienced Black Sears Zins that are over 20-years-old that will knock your proverbial socks right off. It’s not true of every vintage, but it’s true of any vintage we’ll make available to you here: